Existing projects:

ONC has a strong track record of successfully acquiring and assimilating Petroleum.
Upstream E&P businesses: In the end of 2018, ONC will fulfil the transaction of getting 49% equity of Chechnya and 50% of Fulaerji oilfield and 2P is going to be 380MMbl.

Business Concepts:

Overall planning, step-by-step implementation.
To build an international first-class professional team guided by EVA, rate of return, cash flow, etc.
Developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses.
Dual engines:acquiring blocks and trade.
Two-wheel drive: scale, efficiency.



Building two platforms

Investment and financing platform - Providing investors with quality oil projects
Technology Innovation and Service Platform - Providing Integrated services and training for oil exploration, exploitation and production.

Carrying out three businesses

Oil fields exploration and exploitation, production, investment and financing and asset management.
Integrated solution and technical service for oil projects.
Evaluation, consulting a professional training for overseas oil projects


Professional technology
Study on the regional geological and hydrocarbon-bearing characteristics of global petroliferous basins
Study on hydrocarbon accumulation conditions and distribution rules in petroliferous basins
Research and Conceptual Design of Seismic Survey Network Deployment in Different Exploration Stages of Exploration Area
Fine interpretation and interpretation of 2D and 3D seismic data
Exploration deployment, development policy development, and pre-exploration wells and development well design
Development and development of oil and gas fields and real-time adjustment
Rapid screening and economic evaluation of exploration and development blocks
Oil and gas project operation risk management and control technology
Featured technology
Unconventional geological reservoir engineering integration "dessert" evaluation technology
Reservoir sedimentary facies space engraving, small layer comparison and evaluation techniques
Fine seismic inversion and integrated direct detection technology for oil and gas
Reservoir description and remaining oil distribution research techniques
Steam-driven heavy oil development technology Chemically driven development technology


Deeply participating in energy industry, providing clients with systematic financing services and integrated solutions around the world.

5 million tons of oil production will be achieved within 5 years, and 10 million tons will be realized within 10 years!