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Investment Manager Hong Kong
Job Responsibilities:

1. Analyze and research the company’s development strategy, identify potential investment opportunities;

2. Engage in project negotiation, due diligence, development evaluation etc.

3. Organize systematic risk control apparatus and adjustments to operating strategy.

4. Responsible for day-to-day project management;

5. Manage project staffing, and corporate communications.

Job Requirements:

1. Candidates will need a bachelor’s degree in the IT, economics, law or other applicable specialties. Those with degrees from overseas are preferred;

2. Five years or more experience in investment and M&A with a familiarity of IT, infrastructure investment, and/or renewable energy. Those with investment experience in these sectors will be given priority;

3. Have at least three or more successful investment project in which the candidate played a leadership role. The candidate must be highly proficient in financial transactions and demonstrate a relevant pedigree. Must have knowledge and experience in marketing, executing due diligence, writing project reports and investment proposals;

4. Must demonstrate high level of critical thinking, analytical analysis and concise decision making skills. Must be skilled in public speaking and communicating with team members and clients.

Event Manager Hong Kong+London
Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintain positive correspondence with customers, provide timely feedback and progress reports, submit event proposals;

2. Responsible for event preparation and execution. Cooperate with various departments to arrange events in succinct manor. Do event promotion and ensure positive public relations initiatives;

3. Coordinate with third party service providers to ensure the successful execution of events.

Job Requirements:

1. Two years or more experience in online/offline event execution and/or relevant credentials in similar field. Have a strong understanding event coordination and organization;

2. Have a strong sense of control of event organization and coordination with performers, speakers and other important roles;

3. Great interpersonal communication skills and EQ. Must be able to improvise and solve emergencies in a calm manor.

Overseas Manager London
Job Responsibilities:

1. Supervise day-to-day communication with strategic partner organization, coordinate with all relevant parties to ensure the quality and continuity of business operations;

2. Responsible for overseas business negotiations and business expansion strategies;

3. Organize market surveys with in-depth analyses of competitors and market trends;

4. Give comprehensive proposals to partner institutions, design marketing campaigns to expand the company’s market share;

5. Collect data on target overseas markets, provide data to correlating departments for analysis and strategic decision making.

Job Requirements:

1. Candidates will need a bachelor’s degree or above from a top university. Must be fluent in English and Mandarin. Those with overseas diplomas will be given priority.

2. Must maintain serious work ethic and display strong initiative.

3. Candidates that are outgoing, passionate, friendly and excel at interpersonal communication are highly evaluated.

4. Requires proficiency in Microsoft Office, strong command of written English and/or other languages.

5. Must be able to tolerate working abroad and/or frequent business trips abroad.

Media Manager Shenzhen
Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintain relationships with media outlets and clients.

2. Strong understanding of the IT industry, familiarity with IT media, able to coordinate with a wide range and adapt media strategies accordingly.

3. Coordinate online/offline promotion, responsible for working with media outlets to engage in marketing initiatives.

4. Create comprehensive media plans, evaluate results.

5. Build media database, expand media resources, media representation procurement, evaluate PR budget.

Job Requirements:

1. Requires bachelor’s degree or above, preferably has a diploma in marketing.

2. Three years or more experience in PR or marketing. Experience in Tech, IT and/or finance industries.

3. Must have an interest PR and marketing, with a demonstration of comprehensive media resources.

4. Strong project execution abilities, interpersonal communication, must be innovative and demonstrate high initiative.

Senior UI Designer Shenzhen+ShangHai
Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the visual design of APP, Web page, H5 and other products.

2. Maintain existing application products, optimize current design;

3. Participate in the development of detailed UI design specifications and special functions;

4. Participate in online promotion and marketing campaign design;

5. Provide innovative input for new product designs;

6. Evaluate business and customer value chains, provide visual design solutions to optimize effectiveness of various products.

7. Must be talented in comprehensive design techniques and product analysis.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in fine art, design or other related field. Five or more years of design industry experience with successful case studies. Those with experience in the tech industry have priority.

2. Familiar with PC, mobile design specifications, with in-depth experience and understanding of various digital products. ;

3. Proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and other design programs.

4. Able to quickly grasp and create a standardized format and style. Able to work under time and resource constraints and maintain high team spirit.

5. Strong intuitive sense of design trends. Highly responsible and self-motivated.

Please bring a portfolio or a sample of your work to the interview.

Chief of Branding ShangHai
Job Responsibilities:

1. Brand Strategy: Provide a comprehensive brand development strategy. Goal oriented planning that orient brand positioning and techniques to maintaining a position brand image.

2. Brand Management: Systematically manage the formulation, implementation, and execution of brand development strategies. Build and manage a comprehensive media database to enhance brand image.

3. Brand Research: Monitor industry developments, promote hot topics and provide regular reports for brand communication.

4. Brand Communication: Maintain and actively expand company stakeholder relations. Conduct policy research and write evaluation and progress reports.

5. Project Implementation: Systematically promote the company’s brand and image to relevant media sources based on market trends and the overall branding strategy.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or above in marketing, business management or related fields;

2. 5 years or more branding management, marketing or related on-the-job experience. Knowledge and experience working in the tech industry is preferential.

3. Firm understanding of branding, have a unique approach to brand promotion;

4. Strong sense of aesthetics and design combined with practical and innovative solutions.

5. Ability to conduct acute analysis of market trends and business innovation.

6. Must have strategic planning and execution abilities.

We are looking forward to you joining our team.

Please send your CV and related attachments to ariel.xiao@o-nuclear.com.

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